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Appraisals You Can Trust

Selling jewelry, watches, precious gems and valuable metals can be a challenging process to navigate. You may not even be sure of what you actually have. An accurate appraisal is necessary to secure the best selling price for your items. If you have jewelry or old watches gathering dust in a drawer and you’ve decided to sell pieces from your collection, you’ll want a reliable jewelry appraiser that you can trust. Abercrombie Jewelry is a GIA certified diamond grader and has been doing appraisals for over 15 years.


Expert Appraisals for Your Jewelry + Precious Metals

At Abercrombie Jewelry, we appraise the following for purchase or for verbal appraisals: gold, silver, flatware, coins, diamonds, precious gems such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. We also appraise semi-precious stones set in jewelry and gold and silver bars.


Types of Jewelry Appraisal

At Abercrombie Jewelry, we primarily provide ‘verbal’ appraisals. During your verbal appraisal, we will provide you a general age and value of the piece, type of metal, type of stone, and a purchase price for your item. Our verbal appraisals require an appointment. The length of your appointment time can vary based on the number of pieces you have, but typically last around 30 minutes. If you are in need of an insurance appraisal, please note that we only offer insurance appraisals for items purchased directly from Abercrombie Jewelry.

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What to Expect from My Appraisal

It’s important to understand what ‘appraised value’ means. The appraised value is generally a retail replacement value unless otherwise specified. Retail value is an inflated number to ensure sufficient coverage from your insurance company if you need to make a claim. You can expect to sell your jewelry for 20 – 33 percent of the retail value. In some cases, your piece may only be used for parts. Your appraisal will reflect that.

In order to provide you with the most accurate appraisal possible, we must examine all pieces in-house. While we can get a general idea of the item’s value from pictures, it’s necessary to have the piece in hand to determine its exact value. We also prefer to do appraisals with customers present unless additional research needs to be done.

We will thoroughly examine your pieces to give you as many details as possible. Any information about your items that you can provide to us will help us give you a more precise appraisal. Once we’ve completed our inspection, we’ll provide you with an appraisal, and an offer if you’re looking to sell.

If you are in the market to sell, we invite you to get several appraisals so you can find the best deal. We’re confident that Abercrombie Jewelry will give you your best and final offer.


Selling Your Appraised Jewelry + Precious Metals

Abercrombie Jewelry was founded in Austin, TX in 1989 by Ron Rosenberg out of a passion for unique jewelry and antiques. As a family-owned business building a relationship with the community of Austin for over 25 years, our mission has always been to cultivate a distinctive collection of jewelry ranging from estate and antique, contemporary and custom. We also are competitive buyers of estate pieces, loose and set diamonds, precious metals, and timepieces.

In 2005, Ron’s son AJ, himself a skilled jeweler, took over the business and has greatly expanded the retail and custom offerings at Abercrombie Jewelry. With a long-time, dedicated staff assisting him, AJ has made Abercrombie Jewelry the premier destination in Austin when it comes to one-of-a-kind jewelry, vintage bridal pieces, and spectacular custom designs.

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