Can Engagement Rings Be Made Bigger?

Many couples want to get it right the first time. What happens if your ring isn’t perfect? Can you make engagement rings bigger?

This guide will explore the various options for making engagement rings larger while preserving their beauty and meaning.

This will also look at jewelers’ different techniques to resize engagement rings without compromising their structural integrity or aesthetic appeal. This will discuss how much extra money is usually required to upsize a ring and whether it is worth doing in the long run. Finally,  consider alternative solutions such as buying a new setting or replacing stones with something more substantial in size. 

Whether you want to make your engagement ring more significant or just want to learn about this topic, this article has all the answers! Readers can expect an informative yet accessible exploration of enlarging an existing engagement ring from start to finish – complete with tips from industry experts on how best to approach such a delicate task.

The Benefits Of Increasing The Size Of An Engagement Ring

When it comes to engagement rings, size matters. Making an engagement ring more significant can improve durability and longevity, allowing the wearer to keep their precious jewelry longer. Also, increasing the ring size can make it easier to wear and comfortable on the finger. 

Making an engagement ring larger isn’t particularly complicated or expensive either – which makes this option even more attractive! Several ways to increase its size include sizing beads, adding metal shims, or enlarging the interior diameter with a laser welder. Each method has pros and cons depending on cost, security, and time frame, but they all share one thing in common: increased convenience for those who want a bigger-looking engagement ring without spending too much money or time! 

No matter what route you choose when deciding how to make your engagement ring larger, it’s essential to consider safety first and foremost. Ensure you work with a reputable jeweler who knows what they’re doing so that your priceless symbol of love stays secure for years. With these simple steps, you can enjoy wearing an eye-catching piece that will last forever!

How To Make Your Engagement Ring Larger

Engagement rings are meant to be a symbol of love and commitment. The ring size can make that statement even more meaningful. How to make an engagement ring larger without sacrificing its beauty or quality? 

The first step is to take your engagement ring to a professional jeweler specializing in resizing rings. The jeweler will assess the style and type of metal used on the band and inspect any stones set into it before deciding if making it more significant is possible. If so, they will use additional pieces from other jewelry or metal from the original piece to create a more significant setting for your stone(s). In some cases, this process can also involve adding extra gems or diamonds around the center stone for added sparkle.

Finally, suppose you decide not to resize your existing engagement ring but still want something more significant. In that case, alternative options are available such as purchasing another complete set with an upgraded diamond or gemstone or creating a custom-designed piece tailored specifically for you and your partner’s tastes. No matter which route you choose, increasing the size of an engagement ring is a sure way to show someone how much they mean to you.

Alternatives To Making A Bigger Engagement Ring

The question of whether engagement rings can be made bigger is common. It’s understandable why someone wants to make their ring bigger. What alternatives? Let’s explore them.

One way to make an engagement ring appear larger is by choosing specific diamond shapes or settings that give the illusion of size without increasing the size of the stone itself. For example, marquise cut diamonds elongate your finger and create an elegant look, while halo settings use smaller stones around the center stone to help draw attention to it and make it appear larger than it is. Consider changing your current setting for something with more sparkle, like a pave or micro-pave setting, which uses a tiny stone set along its band to add extra shine and light reflection.

If you’re looking for something more permanent, you could always have your existing diamond reset into a new setting or even replaced with another diamond entirely. An experienced jeweler can help you select a new stone that fits within your budget but still looks impressive on your finger – sometimes, going up just one carat can make all the difference! Plus, having it professionally reset will ensure that any alterations are done correctly so as not to damage or weaken the structure of your ring over time. 

No matter which option you choose, there are plenty of ways you can increase both the visual appeal and perceived size of an engagement ring without breaking the bank – making sure everyone knows how much love and commitment there is between two people.


There are many options when it comes to making an engagement ring larger. Whether you choose to go with traditional methods, such as resizing, or something more unique, like adding additional stones or customizing your design, it can be done practically and beautifully. 

Rings should represent what you want them to symbolize – so if having a large and showy piece is vital for you, then by all means, go for it! But at the same time, remember not to get too carried away; after all, no matter how big or small your ring is, what matters most is the commitment between two people who love each other deeply. 

Review different options for enlarging your current engagement ring before deciding on another method. That way, you can be sure that whatever option you choose will fit your budget and style preferences while preserving its special meaning.

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