Gregg Hill Pocket Park

Gregg Hill Pocket Park was established in 2010 as part of the Austin Parks and Recreation Department’s efforts to create more public spaces for residents of the city. The park was named in honor of Eddie Gregg, a former Austin City Council member who was instrumental in the creation of the park.

The land that now comprises Gregg Hill Pocket Park was originally owned by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). In 2006, TxDOT agreed to transfer the land to the City of Austin for use as a public park. The transfer of the land was made possible through a partnership between TxDOT, the City of Austin, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The design of Gregg Hill Pocket Park was a collaborative effort between the City of Austin and the community. The park’s design includes a walking trail, playground, basketball court, and picnic areas, all of which were based on input from residents of the surrounding neighborhood.

The park was built with the support of various organizations and individuals, including the Austin Parks Foundation, the Friends of Garrison Park, and local businesses. These groups and individuals provided funding, volunteer labor, and other resources to help bring the park to fruition. Reference

Since its establishment, Gregg Hill Pocket Park has become a popular destination for residents of the surrounding community. The park is regularly used for events and activities, such as picnics, parties, and sports games. The park’s amenities and natural beauty make it a great place to relax, exercise, and spend time with friends and family.

In addition to providing a space for recreation and relaxation, Gregg Hill Pocket Park also serves as an important reminder of the importance of public parks in urban areas. Parks like Gregg Hill Pocket Park provide residents with access to green spaces, opportunities for exercise and socialization, and a connection to nature in an otherwise urban environment. Websites

What Can You Expect When You Go There?

Gregg Hill Pocket Park is a beautiful park located in the heart of Austin, Texas. Situated on a hill with stunning views of the surrounding area, this park offers visitors a tranquil and serene environment where they can relax, play, and enjoy the natural beauty of the city. Here is some detailed information about Gregg Hill Pocket Park:

  • Location – Gregg Hill Pocket Park is located in the South Austin neighborhood, near the intersection of Manchaca Road and Stassney Lane. The park is easily accessible by car, bike, or public transportation.
  • Size – The park covers approximately 1.4 acres of land, making it a small but beautiful space for visitors to explore.
  • Features – The park features a number of amenities, including a walking trail, a playground, picnic tables, and benches. There is also a basketball court and a small field for playing sports or other activities.
  • Walking Trail – The walking trail at Gregg Hill Pocket Park is a popular feature, offering visitors the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The trail is well-maintained and relatively easy to navigate, making it accessible for visitors of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Playground – The park’s playground is a popular spot for families with children. The playground features a variety of equipment, including swings, slides, climbing structures, and a sand pit. The equipment is designed for children of different ages, making it a fun and safe place for kids to play.
  • Picnic Tables and Benches – The park has several picnic tables and benches, providing visitors with comfortable places to sit and enjoy a meal or simply take in the scenery. These areas are shaded by trees, making them a pleasant place to spend time on a hot summer day.
  • Basketball Court – The park’s basketball court is a popular spot for visitors who want to play a game or shoot some hoops. The court is well-maintained and equipped with basketball hoops, making it a great place to get some exercise and have fun.
  • Field – The park also has a small field that can be used for a variety of activities, such as playing soccer, throwing a frisbee, or having a picnic. The field is open and spacious, providing visitors with plenty of room to run and play.
  • Natural Beauty – One of the most striking features of Gregg Hill Pocket Park is the natural beauty of the area. The park is situated on a hill, providing visitors with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The park is also home to a variety of trees and plants, creating a peaceful and serene environment for visitors to enjoy.
  • Dog-Friendly – Gregg Hill Pocket Park is a dog-friendly park, allowing visitors to bring their furry friends along for fun. The park provides waste bags for dog owners to clean up after their pets, ensuring that the park remains clean and pleasant for everyone to enjoy.

Important Information About Gregg Hill Pocket Park

  • Address: Austin, TX 78756, United States
  • Working Hours: Open daily (5 AM–10 PM)
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