Johnson Creek Greenbelt

Johnson Creek Greenbelt has everything to offer for a fun and exciting weekend with the family or adventure-packed with fitness buddies. The park has different amenities, including hiking trails and picnic tables. 

This park offers plenty of things to do, such as picnicking, walking, hiking, and wildlife watching. There are plenty of areas to sit under the trees, making it perfect for a picnic. 

Located in Austin, Texas, Johnson Creek Greenbelt is around 59 acres with 1.5 miles of trail. Sidewalks are available, making it easier to stroll through the park. The trails run from Veterans Drive, across the streets from the bike trail and Town Lake hike, north to Enfield Road. Useful link

The trail’s southern end includes plenty of spur trails, joining the trail with Lake Austin Boulevard, 5th Street, 6th Street, and Austin High School. Traffic can be a constant companion as the trail parallels busy streets in the area, including MoPac Expressway. Also, there is a windmill beside the trail. 

Hike and Bike Trail 

Johnson Creek Greenbelt has a popular concrete hike and bike trail running the length of the linear park. There are also highway overpasses soaring overhead. Tunnels and bridges dot the route. Those who travel alone can find the tunnels a bit unnerving. 

The trail stretches from the Veterans Drive trailhead, with restrooms and parking. Then, it stretches north to Enfield Road, lying across the street from the West Enfield Neighborhood Park. The trail splits south into various spurs that connect to multiple destinations, such as the Ann and Roy Butler Hike & Hike Trail, Lady Bird Town Lake, the Lance Armstrong Bikeway, and Austin High School. 

Trail Access and Parking 

The trail entrance in Johnson Creek Greenbelt is usually called “The Rock” and is close to Austin High School. Besides the water fountains, there are limestones stretching native plantings and blocks. Parking is available on the southern end at Atlanta Street and Veterans Drive. See this website

Top Reasons to Visit Johnson Creek Greenbelt 

Johnson Creek Greenbelt has plenty of activities and things to keep visitors entertained, such as:

Enjoy Beautiful Views 

The park is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an exciting getaway from the busy city vibe. It is a peaceful venue with beautiful and captivating surrounding where anyone can enjoy the greenery and feel at one with nature. 

Hike Along the Trails 

Trails are some of the top reasons people visit Johnson Creek Greenbelt. Visitors can find 1.5 miles of exciting trails to enjoy. Since the trail routes vary in degrees of difficulty, people can find something interesting and unique. Spending the full day at the park allows visitors to enjoy plenty of time trying out different hiking trails. 

Unforgettable Biking Experience 

Every biking activity at Johnson Creek Greenbelt is a new experience. The diverse, uneven, and rugged terrain is perfect for this sport. The mountain biking trails are suitable for enthusiastic cyclists, while the go-off trail is ideal for experienced mountain bikers as they can create their own routes. Biking along the creek is a fun way to enjoy the landscape and discover the sceneries of this part of Austin.

Take a Dip in the Creek 

Swimming is another popular activity in Johnson Creek Greenbelt. During the summer days, locals and tourists cool off by taking a dip in the creek. It is a safe place to swim for visitors of all ages in a stunning setting.

Go Birdwatching and Wildlife 

People who want to get up close to nature visit the park as it is filled with a variety of plants and wildlife. The venue is particularly perfect for birdwatching, so visitors are advised to bring their binoculars during their visit. They can find many beautiful birdwatching spots, both in open spaces and forests. 

Have a Fun Picnic 

The beautiful setting of Johnson Creek Greenbelt is also a perfect spot to have a picnic. The venue is suitable for an alfresco lunch. Taking along a picnic means the visitors can spend their entire day at the park without leaving to eat. There are picnic tables specially installed for this purpose. But visitors can also find a comfortable spot under the trees and sit on a picnic blanket. 

Important Information About Johnson Creek Greenbelt 

  • Address: 2001 Enfield Rod, Austin, TX 78703 
  • Phone: +1 512-974-6700
  • Business Hours: Monday to Sunday, 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM
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