Moody Center

Constructed for music and made for Austin, Moody Center is a $375 million, more than 15,000 seat capacity, and a premier venue that features more than 150 nights per year of exceptional entertainment. This event center features the most excellent and biggest names in the music business while hosting The University of Texas Men’s and Women’s basketball games, family events, as well as other sporting and local events.

Made particularly for concerts, this contemporary and state-of-the-art arena offers groundbreaking amenities as well as top-tier hospitality for fans and artists alike. This is also the first of its kind in the business, with an unequaled partnership between Live Nation/C3 Presents, Oak View Group, Minister of Culture, The University of Texas at Austin, and Matthew McConaughey.

Short Background of Moody Center Austin

Moody Center got its name in respect and admiration to a $130 grant handed to The University of Texas by the Moody Foundation, which has assisted libraries, museums, hospitals as well as universities all through Texas for more than 75 years. It was proclaimed in 2018 that UT and Oak View Group were granted to create a public-private partnership, to develop a new arena. The multi-million arena will substitute the Frank Erwin Center as the place for the basketball programs of Texas Longhorns and will also function as a first-class events arena for Austin City.

This arena was named following the $130 grant from the Moody Foundation to the University of Texas. Oak View Group is supporting the edifice and will run the structure in exchange for the right to maximize the profits from the University of Texas events, like shows and concerts, for almost three decades after opening. On the other hand, UT owns the land under the stadium and will be the holder of the structure. Under the term of the agreement, UT will have elite control of the center for two months yearly to hold graduations, women’s and men’s basketball games, as well as other occasions. Oak View Group, together with partners C3 Presents and Live Nation, will have the right to hold affairs on the other days. Read more

Where to Find Moody Center

The Moody Center is situated on the UT campus at 2001 Robert Dedman Drive, Austin, TX 78712. The arena was built on land that is owned by The University of Texas. The million-dollar venue was exclusively financed via an exceptional partnership between Live Nation/ C3 Presents, Oak View Group, Matthew McConaughey as well as The University of Texas at Austin.

Parking Area 

There are arrays of parking areas that surround the arena and open at six in the evening on concert days. Also, you can pre-purchase parking online to have a smooth arrival. Furthermore, remember that not all parking areas are open for all occasions, so make acquainted with the place. See here

How many seats Does Moody Center Austin Have?

This is one of the best and largest events in Austin, Texas, and popular because of its designs and amazing accommodation. This event center has more than 15,000 seats and is a premier venue that features more than 150 nights per year of exceptional entertainment. This center also features the grandest and the most excellent names in the industry of music while hosting basketball games, family shows, and other local events.

Moody Center also has the biggest event floor in the United States, which allows for a more intimate experience for fans and spectators alike closest to the stage. This amazing center also has the capability to be changed into a 10,000-seat venue for all types of events, offering the chance for students as well as Longhorn fanatics to feel a part of this game.

What Types of Events does this Event Center Hold or Accommodate? 

State-of-the-art Moody Center hosts the best and the biggest acts in the industry of music. What is more, to serve as the new place for the men’s and women’s basketball teams of The University of Texas, the new event center also hosts various kinds of events, including community events, sports events like football as well as family events.

Important Information to Consider

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