Pease Mansion 


This stately and historic home is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. Built in 1887 by former mayor Walter F. Pease and his family, this stunning building has been an important part of Austin’s history ever since.  Give Us More Info

The Pease Mansion stands out from other homes due to its grand size as well as its original features, which have been carefully preserved over time. It boasts 25 rooms with 16-foot ceilings throughout; intricate woodwork, stained glass windows, and period furnishings; and expansive gardens that invite visitors to take a stroll along meandering paths lined with lush foliage. Furthermore, visitors can learn more about the mansion’s past through guided tours led by experienced docents who share stories of times gone by while highlighting artifacts on display within each room.

A Historical Tour Of Pease Mansion: Explore Austin’s Premier Victorian Estate

Step into a world of history and grandeur as you explore the magnificent Pease Mansion in Austin, Texas. This Victorian estate was built in 1876 by Judge Rienzi Johnston, who wanted to create a place that embodied his love of family and community. As one of the most iconic homes in the city, it stands out for its unique architecture and design. From its intricate façade to its luxurious interiors, this is an experience unlike any other.

The opulence of Pease Mansion is evident from the moment you step onto its grounds. The exterior boasts exquisite detailing such as ornate wrought iron balconies, Italianate-style windows, and a central cupola with copper roofing – all framed against lush landscaping that brings together elements from both English and French gardens. Inside, visitors are met with intricately designed interiors featuring stunning chandeliers and elaborate furnishings crafted from mahogany woodwork imported directly from England.

Visitors can also gain insight into life during the late 19th century through interactive displays about prominent figures associated with the mansion, such as Governor Elisha M Pease or Judge Rienzi Johnston’s daughter Julia Eliza Johnston Johnson – whose legacy still lives on today in some way at every corner of this historic site. From learning about these stories to taking part in special events hosted here throughout the year – there’s no shortage of ways to be immersed within this remarkable space while exploring what makes it so truly enchanting.

The Opulence and Grandeur Of Pease Mansion: Learn About Its Unique Architecture, Design, and Interiors

The opulence and grandeur of Pease Mansion are something to behold. From its unique architecture, design, and interiors, it’s no wonder why this historic Victorian estate has been a favorite among Austinites for generations. But what makes the mansion so special? Let’s take a closer look at all that this magnificent building has to offer. 

When you step foot inside the mansion, you’ll be surrounded by an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance that can only be found in such a grandiose structure. The intricate details of each room are designed with meticulous care, from the ornate furniture pieces to the beautiful paintings adorning the walls. This was once home to one of Austin’s most influential families – surely, they wanted their guests to feel as if they were entering into another world when visiting.

But there is more than just aesthetics behind Pease Mansion: it holds many secrets within its walls too. Since being declared a Texas Historic Landmark in 1971, numerous artifacts have been discovered hidden away throughout the house – everything from silverware sets to old newspapers – giving us insight into what life once was like here many years ago. It truly is amazing what we can learn about our past through places like these.


These aspects make Pease Mansion well worth exploring for anyone interested in history or architecture; it’s sure to be an experience you won’t forget anytime soon! Now let’s move on and uncover some more hidden treasures as we explore its gardens.

Experiencing The Magic Of Pease Mansion: Uncover Its Hidden Treasures and Enjoy Its Gardens

Pease Mansion in Austin, Texas, is a hidden treasure that’s worth exploring. From the beautiful gardens to its well-preserved historical architecture, it has something for everyone. When you step inside the mansion, you’ll find yourself transported to another world of grandeur and elegance. 

The grounds of Pease Mansion are simply breathtaking. Every inch is meticulously cared for and manicured so that visitors can enjoy its beauty in all seasons. The gardens feature lush green foliage and vibrant flowers year-round; there’s even a koi pond with colorful fish swimming around! What’s more, the estate features several walking paths where one can take strolls while admiring the scenery or simply soak up some sunshine. 

Visiting Pease Mansion offers an experience like no other – it is truly magical! Not only will you get to admire its stunning architecture and landscaping, but also explore its rich history dating back to 1872 when it was built by former Governor Elisha M. Pease as his family home. Whether it’s taking photos or having a picnic lunch on the grounds, this place is sure to leave lasting memories for years to come! Click Here

Pease Mansion is a stunning Victorian estate located in Austin, Texas. It features unique architecture, design, and interiors that are sure to impress even the most discerning visitor. From uncovering its secret treasures to taking in its lush gardens, there is something for everyone at Pease Mansion. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience during your next visit to Austin, visit Pease Mansion! Its rich culture and breathtaking beauty make it a sight worth seeing.

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