Red Bud Isle

Walking with your dog is one of the best ways to relax. Red Bud Isle is a leash-free park where you can walk with your dog. It was located at 3401 Redbud Trail, Austin, TX 78746. The place is on Lady Bird Lake, below the Lake Austin dam. Usually, kayakers and canoers take advantage of the nearby parking and shores. 

If you have questions, contact them at their telephone number: (512) 974-6700. You can also visit their website at

A Peaceful Place to Spend Quality Time with Your Pet and Kids

Red Bud Isle is a park where you can walk with your dog. You can train your pet or play with them. The place is dog-friendly, so your little friend can run, walk and play leash-free. If you want a tranquil moment during your free time, visiting the park is a good decision. 

The Red Bud Isle is also good for children. Some of its amenities include bike parking and private lot parking. If you want to bond with your kids, it’s a nice place to go. You will see watering holes to the side as you walk on the trail. Find out more

You, together with your dog, can meet different dogs and humans along the way. With this, your pet can play with other dogs. 

The following are some tips when you visit Red Bud Isle. 

  • Go early or late as possible to get parking without waiting
  • Bring water for your pet to reduce the intake of river water
  • Parking is more accessible during the week
  • The park has poop bag dispensers in case you don’t bring one

The park offers many spots where your pet can walk in the water to take a dip or to drink. Red Bud Isle also has adventurous activities like flying leaps after a ball or stick. 

In addition, you can also paddle down the river and float. The place is ideal for relaxation; you can picnic with your friends, family, or special someone. Our site           

Operation Hours of Red Bud Isle

The following are the opening hours of Red Bud Isle. 

Monday – 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Tuesday to Friday – 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday – 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Restaurants Near Red Bud Isle

As you visit the Red Bud Isle, you can explore nearby restaurants to eat tasty food. These restaurants include:

Hula Hut

Baldinucci Pizza Romana

Laurel Restaurant

Blue Dahlia Bistro

Salt Traders Zilker

Flower Child Westlake

Qi Austin

Tumble 22

Abel’s On The Lake

The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen

Nightlife Near Red Bud Isle

You can visit the nightlife venues below near Red Bud Isle. 


Cidercade Austin

Spacecraft Entertainment

Deep Eddy Cabaret

The Roosevelt Room

Edge Rooftop

Skylark Lounge

Azul Rooftop


Electric Shuffle Austin     

Shopping Centers Near Red Bud Isle

If you love shopping, you can visit shopping centers near the Red Bud Isle. These shopping centers include:


Village At Westlake

Shops at Mira Vista

Olivia Shoppe


Uncommon Objects 

The Tree House

Monkies Vintage and Thrift 

Love, Tito’s

Blue Elephant Boutique 

Other Parks Near Red Bud Isle

You can also visit other parks near the Red Bud Isle. These parks include:

Rollingwood Municipal Park      

Town Lake Metropolitan Parks

Zilker Park

Lost Creek Park

Lou Neff Point

Pease Park

Mayfield Park

Hatley Park

Mount Bonnell

The Red Bud Isle is a clean park where you can enjoy a picnic and other activities with your loved ones. Visiting the park is worth it; it has a wide space to explore. If you’re a nature lover, the place can help you appreciate the beauty of nature. 

You can also see smiling, happy and friendly individuals with their dogs and family. The place has a relaxing ambiance, perfect for taking a break from your stressful daily routine. 

You can enjoy hiking, nature viewing, and walking to inhale some fresh air. You can have a beautiful adventure since it has several trails. However, some said that the island has no enough restroom facilities. You also need patience when it comes to getting a parking space during your visit.

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