Trinity Episcopal School of Austin

Trinity Episcopal School of Austin is an inclusive, faith-based, and forward-thinking K-8 school. It is committed to meeting every student’s needs. It is a place where children can nurture their academic, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual growth. 

The school involves small class sizes, and every lower school classroom has two teachers. This is because the school ensures to efficiently asses and understand each student’s needs, strengths, interests, talents, and learning styles. This creates a safe, comfortable, and fun learning environment suitable for developing each child’s full potential. 

A Quick History 

In August 1999, Trinity Episcopal School of Austin was founded in a rented blue house with 13 first graders. 

Today, this K-8 school is built on a 21-acre campus with over 100 faculty and staff members and 540 students. These numbers and setting change drastically, but the school remains true to its four core values. Founder Jane Hill utilized the following core values as her guide in making the school mission and vision a reality:

  • A strong Christian foundation 
  • A diverse community 
  • Enriched academic excellence 
  • A commitment to family 

Trinity Episcopal School of Austin is also true to its “Each Child, Each Day” commitment. 

The School’s Approach and Philosophy 

Trinity Episcopal School of Austin offers rigorous and forward-thinking academic programs rooted in best practices. The school believes that education must be more than just academic. This is why they are committed to nurturing each child’s physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. Click for info

What People Can Expect from Trinity Episcopal School of Austin 

The school is dedicated to offering top-rated education to its students and creating an inclusive and diverse community. 

Parents and students choose Trinity Episcopal School of Austin for different reasons, including:

Freedom to Tell Stories 

Lower and middle schoolers have a chance to talk about their experiences and stories as Trinity students. Most of them about the friendships they make along the way and the things they love the most about going to this school. Continue reading this

Parents’ Perspectives 

The school allows the parents to give their perspectives. They want to build strong relationships with their parents. They rely on the parents’ involvement to nurture the children while delivering personalized instructions. The school also has a series called Parent Stories, where parents what they love about the school’s community and programs. 

More Personalized Instructions 

Many Trinity students appreciate the school’s daily chapel and the welcoming community. Also, parents love the personalized instruction their children receive. 

Two Teachers Per Classroom 

Teachers are happy to deliver more personalized attention to every student by working closely with their fellows. For example, teachers lead their fellows in guiding students in specific lessons. Together, they support the whole class while focusing their attention as needed. 

Outdoor Learning 

The school wants children to be connected to their natural world. They foster the love of learning inside and outside the school. They believe classrooms can be nurturing and wonderful learning spaces, but a bigger world is waiting for the kids to explore. This is why the school campus includes an outdoor lunch area, a community garden, a natural preserve, and hiking trails. From there, kids can have plenty of chances to follow their curiosity and get outside to meet new people. 

The natural environment connection of students allows them to experience firsthand how humans leave a lasting and positive impact on the world. 

Visiting Trinity Episcopal School of Austin

The school has a 21-acre wooded campus. The lower school academic buildings have an engaging common space, welcoming classrooms, science labs, and a library. The middle school building features common areas for students, state-of-the-art tech rooms, a collaborative learning center, and spacious science labs. 

Trinity Episcopal School of Austin offers a virtual tour, allowing people to explore various learning views with 360° views. The tour also involves information about each school location with photos and videos. Tour stops include the common areas, classrooms, dining hall, gym, and chapel. 

The school also has a community garden, an outdoor classroom, hiking trails, and a nature preserve that students, teachers, and visitors can enjoy. 

Important Information About Trinity Episcopal School of Austin 

  • Address: 3901 Bee Caves Rd, Austin, TX 78746
  • Phone: +1 512-472-9525
  • Website: 
  • Business/School Hours: Monday to Friday (7:30 AM to 5:00 PM), Saturday and Sunday (Closed)
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