How to Sell Antique Engagement Rings in Austin for a Good Price

How to Sell Antique Engagement Rings in Austin for a Good Price

Many people decide to sell antique jewelry that they don’t wear or have no use for anymore- or simply because they need a cash injection. There are a few ways to do it, but what is the best way to sell antique engagement rings in Austin?

Engagement rings are unique pieces- fabulous jewelry with some history, but not every ring is easy to sell second-hand for a reasonable price. If you want to get the most for your antique engagement ring, this guide is here to help.

It covers the steps you should take before selling, how to establish the value and some of the options in Austin for selling vintage jewelry.

Things to Consider Before Selling a Vintage Ring

Always Get a Third-Party Valuation from an Antique Jewelry Specialist

The place you try to sell your ring to will most likely have a proper valuation done, but you should not rely on theirs alone. Always arrange an impartial valuation from another trusted source before you take it to the potential buyers.

Although most places are honest and will give you a fair amount, some will not- and that is where it comes in handy to have a second opinion.

Also, antique jewelry value is not an exact science, and two experts may come up with a different number. Having at least two opinions, if not more, can help you figure out the best price to aim for.

Look for Sellers that Have Connections to the Antique Jewelry Industry

Some places specifically work with fine jewelry and antique pieces from specific eras. On the other hand, some stores and websites are more geared toward modern jewelry and may not have the right audience for your vintage ring.

For example, your engagement ring is from the Art Deco period. Modern jewelry stores may not want to buy it because their clientele are not into that type of thing, but

Don’t Confuse the Sentimental Value of Estate Jewelry with Actual Value

It is easy to assume that estate diamond jewelry is bound to be of high value, but that is not always the case. Unfortunately, many people end up disappointed by the valuation they are given because it is not the figure they had in mind.

One of the most challenging things about trying to sell vintage jewelry that has been in your family for a while is understanding that sentimental value does not equate to monetary resale value.

You must keep emotion out of it and be realistic about what you can get for the piece. If you are unhappy with the price offered, it is up to you whether you are willing to part with it or not.

Make Sure You Want to Sell

Speaking of sentimental importance, ask yourself if you want to sell your antique engagement ring. In almost every case, there is no changing your mind once the sale goes through, and you might find you come to regret it.

Before you commit to selling, ensure you are confident that it is what you want to do to avoid going through the entire process for nothing.

Decide What is Most Important- Getting the Best Price or Selling Quickly for Cash

If selling is what you want to do, the next thing to establish is whether to sell it as quickly as possible or to hold out for the highest price. This is a crucial decision, as it will determine the best options.

Some sales methods are designed for a quick sale for cash, but the offer is usually lower. You may need to wait longer if you want to get the most you can.

Where to Sell Vintage Engagement Rings in Austin

Sell Vintage Jewelry Online

No matter where you are, selling antique jewelry online is a strong option. The internet is the most expansive buyer pool, and you are far more likely to find the right buyer for your vintage engagement ring online than you are locally in Austin.

You also have the benefit of variety. There are online auctions, private sale sites, and companies that will buy it from you directly.

Take Your Piece to Auction

Auctions- online or at an Austin auction house- are also great options for those who want to sell antique jewelry. People will travel to bid on pieces from eras they are interested in, and if you are lucky enough to have two or more severe contenders, you could end up walking away with a great price.

Just remember to set a reserve price for the minimum amount of money you are willing to let the ring sell for.

Go to a Pawn Shop

If a quick sale is what you want, nothing beats pawn shops. A pawn shop may not give you the highest offer, but they can immediately take the ring off your hands and pay you in cash.

Before taking your ring to a pawn shop, you need to get a professional expert’s valuation so you don’t let it go for way below what it is worth. You shouldn’t expect to get the total price, but that doesn’t mean you need to accept a low-ball offer.

There are many pawn shops in Austin, so visiting a few is worth visiting to compare prices.

Sell Your Vintage Diamond Ring to a Local Jeweler

Many local jewelry stores buy second-hand rings to re-sell or use the stones to make new pieces. An independent store may be able to pay you in cash, but larger chain stores have more buying power and may offer you more money.

You will usually get a better price for your old jewelry, selling it to professional jewelers than at a pawn shop, but not as much as you could get online or at an auction.

Tips for Estimating and Enhancing the Real Value of Your Antique Engagement Ring

  • Study your engagement ring to learn as much as possible about the materials, the era, and any notable facts about the ring’s history.
  • Have the piece professionally cleaned and look its best before you sell it.
  • Take close-up photos on a light background if you plan to post them for sale online. This shows the details more clearly and is more appealing to online buyers.
  • Check for hallmarks and try to find out the stones’ carat weight and clarity rating.
  • If there are any large diamonds in the ring, consider selling them on their own to a diamond buyer.


There are many ways to sell vintage jewelry online or in person, including antique engagement rings.

If you want to sell it to someone who appreciates the piece, you should try an auction or an online website specializing in fine jewelry from past eras. On the other hand, there is no faster way to get cash than selling to a pawn shop.

Remember to have the ring professionally cleaned and independently valued before selling it, and be realistic about what it is worth when you take it to potential buyers.

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