Have you inherited estate jewelry? Do you want to convert your silver jewelry into cash, or do you want to upgrade your old diamond ring?

Sell Engagement Ring to Abercrombie Jewelry

Abercrombie Jewelry is one of the best gold buyers and jewelers in the Austin area. We provide a considerably better deal than a diamond buyer, jewelry store, or pawnbroker. You can sell your diamond engagement ring to us at a fair price.

Schedule a meeting with our engagement ring specialists to get top dollar for your unwanted gold, sell your diamond ring, or old Rolex watch.

Sell Engagement Ring to A Local Jeweler

You may sell or swap any unwanted engagement ring – gold or diamond with a legitimate local buyer. Avoid taking your jewelry or watches to a gold buyer, pawn shop, or jeweler who wants to take advantage of you.

Sell Engagement Ring – How to

Bring your used engagement ring to Abercrombie, and one of our precious metals and watch professionals will provide you with a fair and generous evaluation value based on numerous years of knowledge and expertise trading in gold, silver, diamonds, and platinum. Older jewelry is valued according to the purity of a precious metal (silver, gold, platinum, etc.).
Although this is just a starting point, your gold item may be worth much more. The quality and amount of gemstones (such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, etc.) in the individual piece also contribute to its value. Jewelry created by well-known designers like Tiffany, Demarco, Cartier, and others exceeds the cost of gold and diamonds alone.

Sell Engagement Ring To A Truster Jewelry Buyer

The retail price and the capacity to sell the object define each piece’s worth significantly. Abercrombie is considered the best place to sell engagement rings in Austin. We go beyond just considering the value of the metals and the diamonds to evaluate your jewelry based on its quality, rarity, current market value, selling price, and several other factors.
After we have appraised your old gold or diamond jewelry, you can browse our enormous collection of engagement rings, fashion jewelry, diamond bracelets, earrings, necklaces, Rolex watches, and more. Compared to other jewelers, we offer the best value for fine jewelry.

Buying and Selling Diamond Jewelry in Austin

Finding a gold, platinum, engagement ring buyer and diamond jeweler can be frustrating, especially if you live in Austin, Cedar Park, or nearby areas. Understanding the pricing process is crucial because, like anything on the market, exchanging jewelry results in a significant loss of value. Because the value of your item declines over time, it functions similarly to buying a car.
The first step is to determine if your gold has intrinsic, resale, or appraised value. When you combine the values of the metals and gems, the result is what is known as intrinsic or cash value. Old gold has a higher resale value than intrinsic, referred to as resale, retail, or wholesale price value.

Sell Engagement Rings For the Most Monetary Value

Appraisals provide you with the replacement cost of your jewelry rather than its actual value. It provides a speculative estimate price to help you sell engagement rings for the most money.
Although there are various appraisals, each has a unique function for specific situations. The description of your jewelry, including its grades, weight, stones, treatments, metal kinds, and weight, should be included in every appraisal.
Verify the appraiser’s credentials from a reputable appraisal company when looking for a place to sell engagement ring in Austin, Texas. The price depends on the level of experience and competence of the expert.

Sell Engagement Ring Austin: Why Choose Abercrombie Jewelry?

Abercrombie Jewelry has been in the precious metals business for years. We buy and sell coins, broken watches, and unwanted jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds.
Do You want to sell engagement rings? We offer a consignment service to get better pricing for your gold and diamond.
In Austin, Round Rock, Lakeway, Cedar Park, and other adjacent communities, Abercrombie Jewelry buys your broken or unwanted diamond, silver, gold, and platinum jewelry, renew them, and sells them for cash.

Sell Engagement Ring – Process

You will appreciate our dependability and confidentiality. Our expertise makes the process of selling your diamond and gold items simple. We put much effort into getting you the most money from our jewelers.
It might be challenging to manage to sell engagement rings, Rolex watches, and precious metals. You might not even be sure of what you have. 
Therefore, you need an accurate appraisal to get the best selling price for your items. A trustworthy appraiser helps you determine the exact value of your item. We also appraise semi-precious stones set in gold and silver bars.
As a GIA-certified diamond grader, our experts have been doing appraisals for years.
Contact us to help you evaluate your engagement ring, gold watch, and other precious items and to make a good trade. This is better than discarding them or giving them away for free.

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