Who Buys Antique Jewelry: Finding the Right Buyers for Your Treasures

Antique jewelry pieces are some of the most impressive and desirable jewelry items. They can sell quickly and for high prices- assuming the quality and condition are sound and you find the right buyer.

The question is, who usually buys antique jewelry- and where can you sell it? This quick guide to finding buyers and selling antique jewelry covers everything you need to know.

The First Things to Know About Selling Antique Jewelry

Before identifying buyers, let’s cover a few considerations for selling antique jewelry.

Authenticity Matters to Antique Jewelry Buyers

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Selling older pieces is easier when you have a certification that authenticates its quality. You will significantly increase your potential buyer pool by locating any relevant documentation to go with your antique jewelry and having it professionally appraised by a reputable source. If you have the original packaging, even better. This can really appeal to serious buyers.

Look at Comparable Sales to Spot Potential Buyers

Check out websites, companies, stores, and auction houses that sell vintage jewelry and antiques similar to yours. They give you an idea of what items are selling for on the current market and could point you toward a prospective buyer audience.

Know the Difference between Antique and Vintage Jewelry

The terms antique and vintage are often confused, but they are not the same. It comes down to age. Vintage jewelry is between 50 and 100 years old, while antique jewelry comes from eras beyond the last 100 years.

Selling vintage jewelry is a little different from selling antique jewelry, but there are some crossovers. Generally speaking, antique jewelry sells for higher prices.

Don’t Confuse Market Value with Sentimental Value

Antique jewelry is often inherited via an estate or passed down through generations. This creates immense sentimental value that doesn’t always translate to monetary value.

Don’t let your personal feelings about a piece make you unrealistic about the price. If you can’t separate the two, maybe you should reconsider selling.

Special Considerations for Selling Estate Jewelry

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Some other specifics to consider when you sell estate jewelry antiques are the insurance valuations, the possibility of damage or wear, and the personal history behind the piece. In some cases, a piece’s history can increase its value- but not if it is in poor condition.

What Types of Buyers are Interested in Antique Jewelry?

There is no telling who might be interested in a specific piece of jewelry, but antique items tend to attract a more niche crowd than others.


Collectors are the most likely buyers of high-quality antique jewelry. These buyers look for special pieces from specific past eras that have maintained their overall quality and are considered valuable today.

This type of buyer is best for someone with an authenticated piece of fine antique jewelry from a desirable era.


Professional jewelers also buy antique jewelry. It can be to resell in-store or to rework into an updated piece- especially if the older piece is a little worn but contains high-quality diamonds or other precious gems.

This type of buyer is best for someone with a piece made using high-quality materials that hold an intrinsic value, but is not in good enough condition- or from the right time- to be considered a collectible.


Some people just like their bling a little different. People who are not necessarily antique collectors may still be interested in buying an exquisite and unique piece because it is unlike anything being produced today.

Examples include fashion lovers looking to make a statement, someone planning to propose with a very special ring, or people searching for unique gifts for loved ones.

This type of buyer is best for people with antique jewelry that looks beautiful and unique- and is in good enough condition to be worn or at least cleaned and worn. It is also good if your piece isn’t from an era with high demand amongst collectors.

Where Can You Sell Antique Jewelry?

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Online Marketplaces

Open marketplaces online attract buyers and sellers from far and wide, so you gain a great potential audience. If you join niche marketplaces for antique jewelry, you have a good chance of finding a buyer.


Auctions are huge in the jewelry industry and are great places to sell antique jewelry. Collectors research upcoming auctions to look for pieces that interest them and may bid high on the day.

Nowadays, you have in-person and online auctions for convenience and extended reach for possible interested parties.

In Jewelry Stores

Platinum and gold jewelry, diamonds, and other precious gemstone jewelry can be sold to some jewelry stores- more likely those that create their own pieces from repurposed antiques.

Through Online Jewelry Buyers

It is easy to sell online; the trick is picking the right company. Make sure you look for reputable sources who give fair valuations and offers if you plan to sell antique jewelry online to a jewelry buyer.

Sell Your Antique, Vintage, or Estate Jewelry with Abercrombie Jewelry

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Selling antique jewelry is no small matter- especially with valuable items. Abercrombie Jewelry is an expert in fine jewelry appraisal, buying, and selling. Our experts provide professional assistance throughout the entire process- from authenticating stones to offering the best value price for purchase.

Contact the team today to learn more.

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