How to Sell Vintage Jewelry

The jewelry industry is filled with unique, beautiful, and valuable pieces from bygone eras. Vintage jewelry is highly sought after- and can sell for a lot of money if the quality, condition, and era align. When people decide to sell their vintage pieces, they might need a helping hand knowing where to start.

This guide to selling vintage jewelry has everything you need to know.

Things to Know Before You Get Started

Do Your Research

Learn as much as you can about your piece. Find out what precious metals or gemstones are used, when it was made, who made it, and anything else that may be relevant. It is useful to research similar pieces and how much they have sold for.

Know Your Priorities

Decide whether you want to prioritize getting the best value or selling the piece as quickly as possible. There are ways to get cash fast for jewelry, but you will probably get more money through different channels.

Try to put sentimental value aside- which can be difficult when you sell inherited jewelry. If your priority is feeling justified in selling the piece, it could make you unrealistic about its value.

Clean the Piece First

Jewelry should always look its best before any attempt to sell.

Check the Paperwork

Look for any certification, authentication, or ownership documents relevant to your piece. You may need them- and are likely to get a better price if you have them.

Always Have Your Jewelry Professionally Appraised

It is vital to arrange an appointment with a professional appraiser or reputable jeweler before you sell estate jewelry- vintage or antique.

An expert eye can determine the value of heirloom jewelry- so you know exactly what it is worth moving forward.

Where to Sell Vintage Jewelry

There are a few typical routes people take through the jewelry selling process. Here are some of your options:

  • Online jewelry stores
  • A local jeweler
  • Auction houses
  • Online marketplaces
  • Pawnshops
  • Gold or diamond buyers

How to Sell Vintage Jewelry Online

Nowadays, there are a million ways to sell online. From selling jewelry directly to private buyers through marketplaces to auctioning it off through online auctions- the world is your oyster.

The first step to selling vintage jewelry online is to decide what path you want to take. Popular options include:

  • Selling to an online jeweler
  • Auctioning through an online company
  • Listing the piece privately on marketplaces and collector forums
  • Advertising through luxury sales sites

If you list it by yourself, make sure you stick with trusted sites and steer clear of any deals that seem ingenuine in any way. Only accept payments through safe methods, and watch out for scammers.

It is certainly safer to go through a fully insured company or jeweler. They will either buy it from you (after an appraisal and inspection) or list it on their site on your behalf. Either way, you need to send details and then wait for instructions on where and how to send it to the agent.

How to Sell Vintage Jewelry at an Auction House

Auction houses are great places to find a serious vintage jewelry buyer. There are entire auctions dedicated to older jewelry, and the collectors market is strong.

There are online or in-house auctions. Regardless of which path you take, the first step is to contact the auction house to express interest in selling a piece. Next steps may vary, but they generally involve an inspection of the jewelry, an appraisal arranged by the auction house, and paperwork to agree the terms (reserve price, bidding structure, commission, etc.).

Most auction houses will have the piece cleaned and photographed professionally, but it is best to have it in good shape and looking great before sending it in.

Once the auction goes live, people can place bids on your piece- the successful buyer being the one who bids the most. A reserve price is the minimum amount you are willing to accept. It is important to set one to avoid losing the jewelry for way below market value.

How to Sell Vintage Jewelry to Jewelry Stores

Your local jeweler or jewelry store may buy vintage jewelry. First, speak to a representative to see if they do- and, if so, would they be interested in your piece. Again, it is best to have it appraised separately to have an idea of its value.

Depending on the quality and condition of the piece, they may buy it to resell or to reuse the materials. Their intentions may influence how much they are likely to offer.

How to Sell Vintage Jewelry at a Pawn Shop

Anyone can walk into a pawn shop to sell their vintage jewelry- although you really should take some sort of proof of ownership. You show them the piece, they examine it, and then offer you a cash amount to take it there and then.

Our top advice for anyone considering selling vintage jewelry to a pawn shop is to have the pieces appraised professionally and independently before you do. The chances of getting top-dollar from a pawn shop are next to nothing, but they often pay a fair amount for an on-the-spot cash sale.

How to Sell Vintage Jewelry to Gold or Diamond Buyers

You can sell damaged gold jewelry, scrap gold, or gold pieces that are not valuable as pieces for their weight in precious metal. Gold buyers take any genuine gold for a set price based on current market value.

The same applies to diamond jewelry. Diamond buyers purchase jewelry containing precious gems to extract the stone for alternative use.

Most companies are based online- with a simple delivery system. You fill out your details, send your products, and will receive payment once the weight is verified.

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